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    Our office specializes in dental care for children and young adolescents and offers several services unique to pediatric dentistry, in order to help your children obtain the best care possible. We also provide General Anesthesia Services in our office and at Memorial Hospital. For more information about our in-patient anesthesia services, please visit our anesthesiologist's website at www.m2anesthesia.com

    About General Anesthesia for Children : Pediatric dentists often treat patients who present special challenges related to their age, behavior, medical conditions, or any other special needs. To address these challenges effectively in order to provide "predictable" treatment, Dr. Dorantes may recommend treating your child under General Anesthesia. Pediatric dentists are, by virtue of training and experience, qualified to recognize the indications for such an approach and to render such care. Dr. Dorantes and his staff will discuss all the necessary steps that must be taken in order to promptly and safely complete your child's dental treatment after this treatment option has been chosen.

    About Oral Sedation : Pediatric Dentists have significant expertise in providing anxiety and pain control for your children; however, children that are highly anxious occasionally may require "a sedative" in order to help them cope with dental treatment. These medicines are designed to increase relaxation of your child and are very safe when all guidelines and instructions are followed by the dentist and the child's family. As a general rule, most oral sedations are done on "fasting" patients, this means that your child can not have any solids or liquids for at least 8 hours before his/her appointment. Dr. Dorantes will discuss in detail the specific instructions that you must follow before and after the dental visit. For more information on these and other procedures, please download our App.